My Retro-Computer Collection

A crowded deskI have a mini-museum at my house and most of the machines are in working order. And they are all setup on my desk with the exception of the RCA Cosmac and the Mac SE/30 which I don’t have room for on my desk. My desk is a large L shaped desk and I have seven computers on it and my printer. I even have room on my desk to setup my laptop when I need it bringing the computer count to 8. I wish I had room for the Cosmac and the SE/30 but I am doing pretty well with what I have.

Here is a list of what I have collected over the years, skipping the more modern systems in the house:

  • Curta Calculator – An incredible mechanical calculator.
  • RCA Cosmac VIP – A recent addition to the collection which was donated to me by a colleague.
  • Replica One – A replica of the original Apple 1 from 1976.
  • Apple //e – One of the last 8-bit Apple //’s.
  • Apple Lisa 2 – The predecessor of the Macintosh.
  • Mac 512k – This is an original Mac 128k, upgraded to a “FatMac”.
  • Apple //GS – The computer I have owned the longest and my main system for 10 years.
  • Mac SE/30 – Another recent addition which was given to me by a friend.
  • HP 28S Calculator – The calculator I used in university and inspiration for an iOS app.
  • Newton MessagePad 2000 – One of the first pen based computers.
  • BeBox – I have one of the 133MHz 603e based BeBoxes.

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