Monthly Archives: February 2008

Matthew Skiing Again

P1060908.JPGMatthew finally got a chance to try out his skis again. Bad weather and other plans kept us from getting him onto the slopes for a while. But, at the end of January, Cynthia took him to Mount Pakenham which is just 30 minutes away. They went with his friend Ryan who had never skied before and a lesson with an instructor was arranged for both of them. The photos show just how much Matthew enjoyed it.

He is now skiing on his own and able to turn and stop. Ryan had a great time too and they will likely ski together a few more times this year. Cynthia is considering putting Matthew in a regular weekly group lesson. Matthew will learn more that way but she has another motivation also. She used some money from her birthday and a pre-Valentine’s gift to buy her own skis and boots. So, while Matthew is in lessons, she will have a chance to ski on some of the longer runs. Then, they can ski together for a little while after the lesson before heading home.

Perhaps in a few years when Samantha is old enough, we will all be skiing together. Until then, it is a great activity for Cynthia and Matthew.

Samantha in January

Samantha and DollySamantha is still seemingly the happiest baby in the world. And we have some pictures to prove it. Honestly, she really does seem to be smiling almost all of the time. She is now up to 13 pounds, 12 ounces and is still fairly small for her age but is very healthy and doing very well. She isn’t rolling over yet but gets very nearly there. Not nearly as much babbling as last month but she is making stranger and louder noises and is definitely experimenting with her voice. Soon enough, she will be half a year old and who knows what she will doing then.