Tuesday night

Samantha’s blood sugar is still varying quite a bit. She was down in a normal range but she has gotten back up to the 200’s and higher. But they are focusing on bringing her CO2 levels back to normal which is the priority right now. When she was admitted, she was around 4 or so (not sure what the units are for this blood test) and apparently 18-20 is normal. She is up to 15 so is well on her way to being normal again on that test. They expect normal results by tomorrow morning and then she will be off the IV and eating and drinking and getting insulin shots. She is likely here until Friday and much of that time is dependent on Cynthia and I getting familiar with caring for Samantha’s diabetes.

I am spending the night at the hospital while Cynthia stays home with Matthew. She will get him to school tomorrow and then join me here. I will post again then.

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