Samantha Much Better

IMG_0005.JPGThis photo is from yesterday when Samantha was still very tired and was hooked up to her IV’s. But, this afternoon, she has returned to her usual self for the most part. She is eating and awake. We took her for a short walk down the hall to a play room and she had some fun there also. Cynthia and I have spent most of the day talking to a dietician and an endocrinologist assistant (the endocrinologist will be in to see us later).

I left Cynthia with Samantha at the hospital so I could pick up Matthew and get cleaned up a bit at home. Then, Matthew and I will bring dinner with us to the hospital so we can enjoy a family meal and Samantha will be very excited to see Matthew again. I will likely spend the night with Samantha again and Cynthia will go home with Matthew.

So, Samantha is doing much better and we can imagine her at home with us this weekend. We just have to be ready for the responsibility.

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