Back To Work

When Samantha arrived early, my time off work started early also. So, I started my time off on August 28th. The original plan was to go back to work on September 17th. But, Samantha arrived early and the plan didn’t quite work out. I had some more work I needed to do before a September 15th deadline. Instead, I worked during some afternoons and evenings during the week of the 10th. On the 13th and 14th, I went in during the afternoon while Matthew was away at school.

But, this past week I have been back at work full-time. More or less anyways. It has been a bit difficult getting up in the morning because of the late night feedings so I have been rolling in around 10:00. Next week I will do better, hopefully…

Cynthia is managing fine during the day though while I am away at work. But everything has kept us all very busy, as my lateness in getting all of this content online shows.

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