Samantha Is Back Home

Again, sorry for the lack of update but today was a whirlwind. Cynthia and I had a bunch to do to bring Samantha home. We met with the endocrinologist in the morning and had some lunch with Samantha. Then, I left to pick up Matthew from school and have a shower at home before going back to the hospital. There, we got the prescriptions and I headed out alone to fill them so we had all we needed to care for Samantha at home. I brought back some dinner for us and after dinner, we headed home with Samantha. She was very happy to be in the car and by the time we got home, she went straight to bed. I think she would have rather stayed up a bit but we want her to get back into her routine as soon as possible. Life in the hospital really made it difficult to keep her eating and sleeping schedule.

Cynthia and I did our first blood test on our own at home an hour ago and also administered a bit of insulin as a correction according to our instructions from the endocrinologist. It took some time but it will get easier in the future. Daily, we will contact the endocrinologist to update her on the blood sugar results and the injections we have administered and she will adjust the treatment plan. On Wednesday afternoon, we have a busy day meeting with the endocrinologist team and a diabetes support group.

So, life isn’t exactly back to normal but we are slowly adjusting to the new normal. Thanks everyone for your support this past week. Even though we are far away from our family and friends in Canada, your kind words, concern and offers to help out have meant a lot to us.

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