A Two Car Family

Since we moved, we had been a one car family. At first, we had a rental car. After a few weeks, we bought the Toyota Matrix which would end up being Cynthia’s car. But, we hadn’t gotten a vehicle for me yet. Santa had come and gone and still I didn’t have a car. So, on Boxing Day, we decided to go out and see if I could buy a car.

We went to Frontier Infiniti and I asked to see some of their used G35 sedans. They had several models, but they had a great deal on a 2005. It was the car they listed in their ads to bring in customers and its sticker price was a couple of thousand below the other vehicles they had. I asked the saleswoman if I could take it for a test drive and she seemed a bit uncomfortable. Turns out she had just finished a test drive with another customer who was looking for his wife to show her the car because he thought it was perfect for them. She decided to let me go for a drive with her. As I put the car in drive, she looks over and sees the other customer come out of the building with his wife. He didn’t look too happy. Cynthia was standing there as he apparently said “he is going to buy that car”.

I had already test drove a G35 before when we were looking at the Matrix and I have friends who have had them for a few years who are very happy so I was pretty sure this is what I wanted. The car handled great. It seemed to be in excellent shape and well maintained. It had reasonable mileage (I had to keep converting from miles to kilometers though because 40,000 miles is very different from 40,000 kilometers). There was just one mark on the paint on the passenger side.

So, I bought it. The only complication was insurance. I couldn’t arrange insurance that day so I couldn’t leave with it immediately. While at the zoo, I got an email from my insurance company that it was now covered so on the way home from the zoo, I stopped in to pick it up. We were a two car family again. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of our new cars yet but hopefully I will have something to put online soon.

Since then, I passed by driving test so I now have my California license also. Cynthia’s test is scheduled for a couple of weeks from now and I am sure she will pass. The examiner said that he has never failed a Canadian driver, so there you go. Apparently we are all good drivers.

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