Samantha At Seven Months

Cheerleading Samantha - 2Samantha is starting to change more quickly. She is sitting now. You have to put her in a sitting position but once she is there, she balances very well and reaches for things and only rarely falls over. She rolls over onto her stomach all of the time and is definitely close to crawling. Samantha will pick her body up and be in a four point position and then rock a bit. Then, she will go back onto her stomach, lift up her arms and legs and flail for a little while. Then, back up on all fours. She will figure it out soon I am sure.

But still, she is pushing herself backwards with her arms. Of course, she is looking at something in front of her and trying to go in that direction so she ends up pretty frustrated when it ends up farther away. But, if you look away for a moment, she will have moved some distance when you look back.

The latest thing she is doing is clearly saying “ba” over and over. Just a couple of days ago, Samantha and Matthew were saying “ba ba” to each other back and forth. Cynthia and I looked at each other knowing that before we know it, we will have another voice in the house and the volume will be that much louder.

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