Samantha and Cynthia Doing Fine

P1050601.JPGAfter a second day in the hospital, both mother and baby are doing great. Samantha has started eating regularly and still seems pretty quiet, even when hungry. Cynthia is still recovering but coming along great.

Both were moved to a private room today and I think they both like a quieter although smaller room. I tried to take a video of Samantha using the digital camera but must have messed up somehow because it was not on the camera when I connected it to the computer. Perhaps later we will get a video of her online.

We had a visit from Dale and Crystal today at the hospital. Crystal helped Cynthia while Dale kept me company while I got some dinner at the hospital cafeteria. If you check out the pictures from today, you will find a picture of Crystal holding Samantha also.

So, everything is going very well and it seems they may be coming home as soon as tomorrow.

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