Monthly Archives: July 2010

Box Land

The truck with all our possessions came today. Unfortunately for the movers, the temperatures were in the mid-30’s (Celsius for our friends in California which is in the 90’s Fahrenheit). I made a few runs for supplies like large jugs of Gatorade and more to try to help them fight the heat. We weren’t much better in the house where the temperature climbed to 31. We had to have the AC off most the day because the doors were open most of the time. So, we didn’t do a whole lot other than direct boxes to their proper location. It was just too hot to start unpacking.

The movers estimate that the weather cost them about three hours because they just couldn’t sustain the effort. Frequent breaks were well deserved. By 5:00, I took everyone’s dinner order and made another run to pick up some food. At 6:00, everything was in the house and around 8:00 all of the beds and shelves were put together and they gladly called it a day.

This house is much bigger than our place in California. Here, we have lots of boxes everywhere but it is still easy to navigate through the house. In California, the garage was pretty much full of boxes and much of the rest of the house was a maze. The space should make unpacking much easier, which will start in earnest tomorrow.

Happy Canada Day!

We were lucky enough to have moved back in time to celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa. We spent the day at Stefanie and Dan’s house where I had to brave the cold water in the pool twice because Samantha wanted to go swimming. Stefanie is Cynthia’s sister and it was our first chance to visit with them since we moved back.

After that, we came home with no intention of seeing any fireworks. We hadn’t really packed much warm clothes and it can get very cool at night, especially when waiting for some fireworks to begin. But, at about 10:00 PM tonight, I heard the sound of fireworks. That isn’t too unusual but what was unusual is that they sounded very close. I looked out a window and there were fireworks in the soccer field right across from our house.

Matthew was ostensibly asleep but I knew better. Opening his door, I found him watching the fireworks through his window. I quietly told him to get dressed and we slipped out the front door to watch the show. It was a great way to top off the day and when the fireworks were over, we just crossed the road and went back inside. I hope this is a regular event. If so, we will invite people to join us in the future.