Christmas Party at School

P1060611.JPGMatthew had a Christmas party at school last week. Family was invited to watch as they put on a show with songs and other activities. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go because I was at work but Cynthia and Samantha went. In the pictures, you can see the special Christmas outfit Samantha wore to the party. Matthew and his class performed many songs in English and French.

Cynthia specifically mentioned that she was very proud of how much of the French songs Matthew was singing. She said he seemed to say nearly all of the words in the songs well. As the pictures show, they also decorated a Christmas tree. Actually, it was one of the students dressed as a tree. Although I wasn’t there, I have heard Matthew singing many of the songs at home this past week as we put up the tree and other things for Christmas. I will write about Christmas at the Rand household soon.

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