Karate Tournament

In April, Matthew and Samantha’s dojo held a karate tournament. Matthew did quite well at the previous one but Samantha was sick and couldn’t attend. She was very impressed with the trophy Matthew brought home so she was determined to make it to this one.

Early in the morning, Samantha competed. In her class, they were split into groups of three and then asked to mimic the actions of their instructor while they were judged on their technique. Samantha ended up in a group of three with two older girls but in the end her score put her in second of the three. She was so excited when she was handed her trophy.

In the previous tournament, Matthew was close to finishing his belt and was among the oldest in his class. He ended up bringing home a second place trophy that time. This time, he had progressed into an older age group so he was among the youngest and was just learning his new kata for the next belt. But he did very well. Since the tournament, he has continued to work hard and is still improving. I am sure he will do even better in future tournaments also.

The video is a bit of fun using the new iMovie. It has templates for creating “movie trailers”. So, piecing together some of the raw video from the event, I put together the video above, brought to you buy Rand-omonium Pictures. Enjoy.

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