Matthew’s School Project

P1040840Everyone in Matthew’s class had to do a project on a country. Matthew was very interested in doing his project on Canada. Among his classmates, there were projects on China, India, Israel, two on Canada, a couple on the USA and a couple other countries.

Matthew had to write about 9 sentences of information about Canada. He described Canada’s animal life, a bit about its government (we have Prime Ministers and not Presidents) and Canada’s money. We gathered several pictures from the Internet and he glued it all onto his board.

Next, he had to present his project to his class. He read his sentences and pointed out Canada on a map. Then, he took questions from his classmates (not sure what they were as I was at home with Samantha at the time). We brought back small boxes of Smarties from our last trip so we could share a Canadian candy with his class.

Matthew is very much looking forward to returning to Canada. Only about a month until we return now.

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