Matthew Plays Soccer

Matthew played soccer this past summer in Dunrobin and had a great time. I have had some video footage of him in goal for a while but didn’t get around to doing anything with it until now. Click on the picture to see the video. Matthew did pretty well in goal. We didn’t get video of all the shots he stopped but there is some footage of him stopping one kick, but the other team pretty quickly tried again and got a goal. But, he did very well and most importantly had a great time playing soccer this summer. We will look into soccer here in California and we won’t have to wait until summer to get him onto a team I am sure.

Cynthia shot the video footage using our digital camera and I pieced this together using iMovie ’08. It took me probably 20 minutes to produce that. It isn’t anything special but iMovie sure makes it easy to throw something together like that. I might have to do some more video. Maybe we need one of those new, cheap HD video cameras which record to SD cards…

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