Matthew’s Last Day of SK

P1000532.JPGMatthew finished senior kindergarten in June and we have some pictures from his last day. On his last day, they had a party and Cynthia and Samantha went to celebrate with Matthew. Apparently, Samantha was very popular especially among some of the girls in the class. Matthew was very proud and seems to be looking forward to starting grade one in September.

A couple of the pictures show Jodie Sonnenburg, Matthew’s teacher. Cynthia and I have been very happy with her and she has been a great teacher for Matthew this year. Matthew has trouble with his handwriting and he has improved a bunch over the school year and she was a very big part of that. More than anything, her commitment to her students and her support have been very clear throughout the year. We know that if Matthew has teachers half as good for the rest of his school career, he will do just fine. Thanks so much Jodie!

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