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Canada Day 2008

Canada Day 2008 - 2We continued our tradition of attending the Canada Day celebrations here in Dunrobin at the community centre. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time. Unfortunately, we don’t have many pictures but you can see a shot of Samantha playing in a bouncy ball tent and some pictures before we left the house. Matthew spent much of the day in another larger bouncy tent and when his turn was up, he would get back in line for another round.

We also bumped into a couple friends there. As it got later, I set up our chairs so we would have a good view of the fireworks. Everything seemed as though it was going to work out when Samantha fell asleep in her stroller. Our hope was she would fall into a deep sleep and maybe sleep through the fireworks when they started. But after a few minutes, she woke up again and seemed to resist going to sleep again. With daylight fading, we became concerned that the fireworks might terrify her. So, we left Matthew with some friends for a few minutes while Cynthia, Samantha and I headed for home. I stayed home to put Samantha to bed and Cynthia went back for the fireworks.

She got there just in time to enjoy the show with Matthew. Matthew had a great time watching the fireworks again this year and we all had a wonderful Canada Day.

Matthew’s Last Day of SK

P1000532.JPGMatthew finished senior kindergarten in June and we have some pictures from his last day. On his last day, they had a party and Cynthia and Samantha went to celebrate with Matthew. Apparently, Samantha was very popular especially among some of the girls in the class. Matthew was very proud and seems to be looking forward to starting grade one in September.

A couple of the pictures show Jodie Sonnenburg, Matthew’s teacher. Cynthia and I have been very happy with her and she has been a great teacher for Matthew this year. Matthew has trouble with his handwriting and he has improved a bunch over the school year and she was a very big part of that. More than anything, her commitment to her students and her support have been very clear throughout the year. We know that if Matthew has teachers half as good for the rest of his school career, he will do just fine. Thanks so much Jodie!

Matthew and Samantha, Spring 2008

M with Turtle - 2I haven’t been diligent at all updating this site and a bunch of stuff has happened, especially with Samantha who is growing and progressing quickly. And I have a few pictures of the kids and a couple videos of Samantha that I want to publish here. Read more for the details and the links to the videos.

One of the pictures shows Matthew looking at a turtle which had ventured to the bottom of the steps to the front porch. Matthew definitely had a chance to see lots of wildlife this spring around the house. We saw many turtles and Matthew and I watched as one laid some eggs near the road. We have kept an eye on the spot to see if we find some broken shells on the ground but no sign that they have hatched. Seems a bit late at this point but we still look from time to time. We have also seen many rabbits and a couple of foxes around. Haven’t seen as many deer this year but perhaps they will start to appear again soon.

Samantha has changed dramatically since I last wrote about her. At that point, she was rolling over and looked like she was about to crawl. Sure enough, she did start to crawl shortly after that. At first, she would pull herself with her arms and drag her legs which works fine on the hardwood floors. Not long after that, she got up on all fours and started crawling that way.

But at pretty much the same time, she was trying to pull herself up onto her feet. We honestly don’t remember what Matthew was doing at 8, 9 and 10 months of age but we think she is ahead of him in this respect. Matthew was a climber and would get up onto the top of the couch, onto the window sill or just about anywhere. But, Samantha seems determined to walk and do it soon.

She has been pulling herself up to standing for a while now. And then she started walking with one or two hands to steady herself against a wall, the couch or just about anything. At first, there were lots of falls and the hardwood floors which made dragging herself along easy were not so forgiving. Now, she is very steady as long as she has one hand on something. If she drops something, she will bend over and pick it up, again with one hand to steady herself. She can drop back down to a sitting or crawling position from standing also.

So, the baby gate is getting closed and the stereo cabinet has to be locked again or someone mischievous will certainly be there to explore and get herself into trouble.

Kindergarten Country Concert

Country Concert  2008 - 01The kindergarten classes at Matthew’s school put on a country themed concert this spring. Each class performed different songs, dances, recitals and other performances. It was a great event and thankfully Matthew was feeling well this year. Last year at a similar event, Matthew was pretty sick and we could see he wasn’t too happy to be performing with his junior kindergarten classmates so as soon as he was done, we grabbed him and headed out. But this year, he was feeling great and the concert was great. Check out the pictures and read more below for a link to a video clip from his class’ performance.

If you watch the video, you can see Matthew struggling a bit with his hat. Cynthia didn’t know exactly what was in store for the evening and was asked to dress him like a cowboy. The hat didn’t fit that well but seemed acceptable at the time. But, it didn’t do him any favours as he struggled to keep it on his head.

Samantha had a great time watching and listening to the show on my knee as I fed her Cheerios slowly. Matthew had to miss his first soccer practice of the year for this concert but it was definitely worth it and a lot of fun for all of us.

Matthew Earns His First Karate Belt

P1000349.JPGAlso in May, Matthew earned his first karate belt. He was very excited as the pictures show. Matthew has been attending weekly karate classes since Ryan’s birthday party and is still very much enjoying it.

He is in a program called “little dragons” and it is tailored for young children like him. After every session, you get a stripe on your belt as long as you participate and listen and try hard. With enough stripes, you get a new belt. Matthew started with a plain white belt and was adding stripes with each session. By mid-May, he was ready for a new belt and it has a yellow stripe along the middle. I am not posting about this until July and he is about to get his next belt but that first new belt was a big deal for him.

Matthew is also participating in U7 soccer this summer and enjoying that. So, every week he has a soccer practice, a soccer game and a karate class. In a couple of weeks, soccer will wrap up so perhaps he will do some swimming lessons before the summer is over and he is back at school.

Grandma and Poppa Visit

P1000337.JPGIn May, Grandma and Poppa Rand paid us another visit and it was great to catch up with them. Check out some of the pictures of them with Matthew and Samantha.

It was unfortunately not a very long visit because they were very busy with their new house. We helped load up the Volvo to nearly overflowing with a few things we were storing for them. And we added to the load with a couple of gifts for different occasions to help stock their kitchen.

Dad braved the bugs to help me get the snow blower off the tractor and get the mower mounted. As usual, we appreciate very much his help around the house while they are visiting.

But, I think everyone enjoyed the chance to get together and spend some time. I know Matthew is very excited to see them whenever they come and Samantha will look forward to the visits soon enough also. In the meantime, we are hoping to get down their way in early August and perhaps we will have a chance to visit other friends and family in the area at that time.