Ryan’s Birthday Party

Ryan's 5th B-Day - 24Matthew’s friend Ryan had his 5th birthday party recently. The party was at Pro-Style Martial Arts and Matthew had a great time. He loves birthday parties and Ryan is a great friend so he was guaranteed to have fun. But more than that, he really enjoyed karate.

Pro-Style offered a one month trial so we took advantage of that to see if Matthew wanted to keep doing it. Karate is good for Matthew because it is a good physical activity but more than that, it will help him develop discipline, listening skills and his memory. After the trial, Matthew was still having a great time so we have signed him up for a year.

He gets a sticker with each session as long as he is listening and trying. After he has enough stickers, he will get a new belt. He still is on his first belt but he is getting close to the next one now. And Matthew has already decided where he wants to have his 6th birthday party…

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